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Beans from Colombia, Brazil and Ethiopia. Roasted in Belgium with more than a 100 years of expertise. 


Quality coffee, consistent taste.

Our coffee is composed of Arabica (80%) and Robusta (20%). Arabica gives our coffee its aromas and Robusta its body, power and strength.


Our trees are carefully planted in South America and Africa with sustainability in mind.

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We only select the best beans. All our farmers meet the Fairtrade social, economic and environmental standards.


Back in Belgium, we process the precious beans respecting low-carbon guidelines all the way.

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Lungo or Espresso?

Looking for intense and sweet? Espresso is for you. Want to try a bitter flavour? Lungo is your guy!

Other Products

Our Serenco packages vary in sizes to perfectly accommodate your B2C or B2B needs.

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Good for Household and bigger families.

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50 caps - Espresso - copie.png

Perfect company size.

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Our bean bags come in 3 sizes : 250gr, 500gr & 1kg.​

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Our Values

By calculating, reducing and compensating our carbon footprint, we choose to take responsibility for the true impact of our CO2 emissions instead of shifting it to society and future generations.

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CO2 Neutral

The label not only guarantees real climate protection efforts, it also empowers companies to break through the fog of empty environmental claims. It is for consumers and procurement departments of any organisation seeking to buy more responsibly. This label is for our planet as the recognition of real efforts stimulates others to do so as well.


Rue de rotterdam 25, 4000 Liège

+32 4 253 59 89

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